At Yale-NUS, our curriculum and co-curricular programmes aim to cultivate creativity, curiosity and critical thinking, while nurturing in our students an ethic of service as well as adaptability and resilience. Our students will have the flexibility and imagination to adapt to ever-changing and ambiguous environments, the audacity and gumption to face the challenges of an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, and the ability to overcome adversity with inner strength and grace.
President Tan Tai Yong

Welcome to Yale-NUS College

We are an intimate and young College, building a community of learning with a distinctive curriculum than melds the best of Asia and the West, arts and sciences, and life-skills as well as classroom learning. Here at Yale-NUS, we offer unique learning experiences which will prepare you for active roles in civic life; whose curricula and courses will challenge your imagination even as you develop your civic competencies. I welcome you to join us and together I am confident we will make Yale-NUS a leading light in the world of liberal arts and sciences, building a community of learning that is galvanised by a culture of trust, respect and duty, and dedicated to making a difference in all that we do.

With very best wishes,

Tan Tai Yong
President of Yale-NUS College