At Yale-NUS, we teach students to anticipate change, to ask future-facing questions, to take on risks, and to carry their learning beyond the walls of our campus.
President Pericles Lewis

Welcome to Yale-NUS College

We are building a community of learning, where colleagues, classmates and friends learn together and teach each other, not just in the classroom, but in conversations over late-night excursions to a coffee shop, or over tea in a tree-shaded courtyard during the heat of the day. They learn also by pursuing the sports, clubs, societies, musical groups, and student publications that create a lively society in parallel with the official curriculum taught by the professors. Our distinctive curriculum spans Asia and the West, the arts and sciences. Yale-NUS offers a quality of education that is not merely uncommon, but unique. We aim to do great things at Yale-NUS College, and I welcome you to join us in this journey.

With very best wishes,

Pericles Lewis
Founding President of Yale-NUS College
Professor of Humanities